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Pleiadian Projects brings innovative ideas in management, training and information technology. Owned by Peter Henochsberg, this company is a South African registered Close Corporation (Reg No: 1998/000129/23) based in Cape Town.

Thriving in a Global Village: A Vision

In our rapidly transforming world we have begun to see individuals, communities and even nation states working towards their own empowerment. Conservation and the sustainable use of the planet and her human and natural resources are becoming key issues as we move from a position of domination to one of stewardship. Global cooperativeness and integration are becoming increasingly important.

In successful businesses and companies we will begin to see people who operate more efficiently and effectively because they are personally empowered. As the global village moves from the Modern Industrial Age into the Information Age our focus will change from production outputs to knowledge inputs. To survive and thrive in this new environment, business will have to become more people-centred and work to enhance their staff’s knowledge and skills-set.

To arrive at a people-centred approach to work methods and production, business will begin to allocate more resources to developing its staff and to changing its business-systems and processes. Profits and growth are natural outcomes of having the correct focus.


Our mission is to serve our clients in a manner that brings about empowerment. By facilitating processes we focus on developing human potential and this leads to transformation and development. We provide one of the best management, training and information technology consultancy services available.

Our Services

We provide a broad range of skills and expertise. We can assist you to find solutions to your business problems by providing the following services:


We use various teaching methods such as workshops, experiential groups, lectures, mentoring and coaching to train staff in:

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We offer general management services:

Business services

We offer practical solutions to your business needs:

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