We greet you with blessings from Beings of Light who are incarnate yet still have lighter bodies than you experience. Our light shines so that we can share with you our evolutionary path, but also to throw some light on your respective journeys.

A relationship is an interaction between beings or energy fields. Note that we cast the net wide because everything in the Universe is in a relationship with everything else. No, it might not be emotional, or even sentient, but these could be specks of dust or particles of matter drifting through space and time and these would be in a relationship of gravity attraction to and with other atoms. Everything is vibration and every vibration attracts or repels or is neutral, but everything, affects and is affected by everything else.

Now when it comes to sentient relationships, we add another facet. Because here we add knowingness, awareness, and even profound emotional reactions. Not all beings – not all sentient beings – feel emotions as you on earth feel – as do we. Your incarnation is this realm, time and space, is part of Source experiencing itself as the All That Is. Therefore, your relationships are simply experience. You apply labels to these experiences, for example love, or anger, or even you describe “toxic” relationships. So, your relationship to other sentient beings is predominantly an emotional or psychological experience. This is what makes them “interesting” to say the least. Emotions are not real. They are chemical endorphins and responses of you physiology to your thought processes; this at the most basic level.

But the attraction or repulsion would continue with or without these emotional responses. You have a dimension of emotionality to give depth and breadth to your experiences of relationships. These have, as a result, become somewhat central to the human experience – and it is what you, as humanity, do profoundly – sometimes, as you term it, positively, but sometimes, as you term it, negatively.

It is your expression of your connection with Source.

We bless you for taking on this journey. It most definitely leads to “interesting times” for most of you.

Our blessing, our love or fraternal beings.

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