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Raise your spiritual consciousness and awareness with uplifting and thought-provoking channeled information from Spirit Guides who are in service of you and humanity.


Peter Michael has been an open auditory channel for over twenty years. His alignment is with the Pleiadians.


This is our Pleiadian Project.

Most Recently Posted Messages from Spirit

Do Not Despair - Change is Coming
Blessed Beings of Light. We thank you for taking the time to connect with us in this manner. It is our...
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To Get Involved or To Watch
Question: How do I reconcile the sense that I need to “get involved”, to assist people – like when I...
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Message of Love from the Garden Entities
Our blessings and our greetings to you on this lovely day. We have been in line, as it were, for a while...
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Message of Hope
We speak to you this day because you have invited us to do so. We are Light Beings of a similar, but...
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Flow In Your Life
We are with you now to tell you how you are beginning to find Flow in your life. As you step into your...
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How to be In the Flow
Question: How do I get and stay in the Flow. Source:  We greet you in this day and say to you that...
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“Peter Michael is a clear channel for high frequency levels of consciousness. In partnership with the Pleiadians, he transmits epiphanous messages of depth and clarity with his signature humour and intelligence. I worked with Peter and the Pleiadians for 7 years and was taught the science of what it is I do intuitively. I am deeply grateful for the transformative tools I was given. Their unique partnership is a profound gift and service for humanity. ”

AstridEL – Energy Intuitive