Loving Message of Joy and Hope

Our blessings to you as you tune in to this message. We are Spirit Guides who are here now to speak with you and bring you a loving message of joy and hope.


Many of you are experiencing difficulties at this time. The world has undergone a time of rapid change precipitated by a pandemic that has shifted consciousness on the planet. While transitioning from an old energy to a new, many will be experiencing difficult times on a physical, relationship, psychological, and/or financial level. To some, matters have become desperate. To others, all sorts of new possibilities have opened. It is all in perception. 


What we can say to you is that an old order is dying, and a new order will emerge. Many learned just how isolated they are – when forced into isolation. Others learned how to be alone with themselves when, usually, they have chosen always to be with others. And so, to most – if not all – there has been some shift in consciousness. As humanity, you are learning to relate to each other in different ways to what has been your norm.


But this current world order has also been exposed to you the great disparity which is at its core – and there is an evolving shift in consciousness around this too.  Old energies of power, of might, are starting to crack and crumble. Regimes, in their death throws, will make desperate bids to stay in power, to prop up their decayed, corrupt and greedy power bases.


There is still the likelihood of much more turmoil to come – but it is not in vain.  


From the ashes, the Phoenix rises – an old adage, but still true. From the old order a new, more egalitarian, more humane, more loving, and more compassionate order will inevitably supersede the old order – for the old is not and never has been sustainable.


We see a bright future on the horizon. Do not focus your attention on the mayhem and pain that exists. Find your own joy, your inner peace. And once this is the norm, so the entire planetary system and economic structures will transmute and transform, and a wonderful new world order will be manifested by your collective co-creation. We see it clearly as the most likely possibility of all paths available. We encourage you to bring this into being.


People of light, people of love, people with joy and compassion – now is your time to shine.


Our love and support is with you as is the love and support of the entire constellations of Beings who are in sync with you and hold energy for you.


We love you. We honour your path. We bless you for your service.


And so it is.

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