Being a Watcher and Light Bearer

And so we bless you and honour you and say to you we love you, for you are our dearest brethren; Beings of Light who stand in service of humanity. You hold positions, or you hold vigil, and watch over the doings of the planet, all the while working with your own energies to transmute and transform that which you encounter.


At times you may find yourself getting “sucked in” to the drama that you countenance, but this too is part of process and flow for it is how, as you come into awareness of your entanglement, that you start to extricate yourself from the drama and become a passive watcher; a witness to the process of the All That Is unfolding.


We honour this special path that you have been chosen for it is, at times, a very difficult path; especially when in your own life – you may be experiencing things are not going as smoothly or as masterfully as you would choose. At these times, you might be saying to yourself and to us – how can I be a watcher, a light bearer, when my own life is so chaotic, pain filled, uninspiring, etc?  – whichever adjectives you choose to disparage yourself and your life. You feel out of control.


And therein lies the rub. For living your life is NOT about being in control. Control is a governor, a brake applied to your life force. It is about being in FLOW and in JOY. Here you are very much in the driving seat for you can choose to co-create a situation of joy. You can choose the circumstances that will automatically bring forth FLOW because your joy vibration is attracting flow towards you.


Take that leap of faith. Surrender yourself to your joy and to your flow. And, in particular, surrender yourself to your most blessed life.


We love it when you play and experience joy and when that joy attracts to you all that is best for your life.


We bless you. We honour you and we remain loving brothers and sisters in the light of the Creator and the Creation.


Our blessings to you.

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