Our blessing and greetings to you who are the audience to this message. It is our pleasure to be speaking to you this day. We are Beings of Light who are here to address you on the topic of love – self-love. For it is through the process of self-love that you begin to open to the manifest possibilities of life – which you can manifest, bringing them in or anchoring them in your own time-space reality.


Love, or self-love is, in fact, a practice, it is not an achievement. Self-love in an awareness, a feeling, a joy, and essence that you need to practice in order to grow it exponentially. Many, many human beings are taught self-loathing rather than self-love. They then practice self-loathing by default and wonder why their lives are not going the way that they desire!


We say that self-love is a practice because it requires practice to be aware of all those instances of self-loathing or self-devaluation that you experience so consistently. Let’s start with the mundane, or dare we say, the superficial. 


You incarnate into a body and then you spend your lives denigrating or even hating your bodies. “I’m too fat, or skinny, or ugly, pimply, lacking in muscles, too bulky …. ” – and on and on. How rare it is to find someone who says “My body is just right. I look exactly like I want to look”. 


So, your first and most immediate practice is to stop the denigrating thoughts about your physique and body. To stop those thoughts, focus on something that is RIGHT about your body. Every physical form has some aspects that are pleasing or proportioned, or “right”. Focus on this and tell yourself how much you love this about your body. In time, and with practice, you will see how your perception shifts. For as you focus on even that one desirable aspect, so you will begin to discover other features that are pleasing. And as you begin to practice this love of your body, so you begin to change your body because the self-hate and loathing now changes or shifts energy and your body will begin to mould and shape itself into what you desire – simply through love.


Self-love can be practiced on other aspects of your life too, not just the physical. You can extend this practice to the mental plane, to the financial, to abundance, to relationships, to every conceivable aspect of your life on this plane. Find the parts you enjoy and focus on these. What you focus on grows. So as your focus on loving your loveable life, body, circumstances, etc., so too these will grow and manifest and the self-hate and loathing will dissipate and recede, even disappear.


This is why self-love is a practice, not an achievement or a goal. It is something you practice on an ongoing basis all of your life. And as you acquire Mastery of this practice, so you will manifest a love-filled life that is not only what you deserve, but which is your birth right. 


We bless you. We honour you. We watch you unfold in the light. Our blessing and love.

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