Life is Choice – Choose Joy

Be at peace, our loved one, because we can see that you are stressed, if not distressed. It has been a little while since we have sat together to speak in our usual manner. We bless you and honour you, and we honour your chosen path.


Please note that we inserted “chosen” path because it is true. You choose your own path. Your life is not what happens to you, your life is what you make happen or, more accurately, what you choose to let happen or to make happen.


We are aware that you at times, perhaps even often, feel that you are a “victim” of circumstances beyond your control. It is difficult for the human mind to comprehend that you have total control over all the aspects of your life: your physical health (or lack thereof), your well-being (or lack thereof), your abundance (or lack thereof), your emotional states. It is easy to think this way because it is difficult to fathom that you are constantly manifesting all the hardship and difficulty, and all the worries that you encounter.


But you do!


You do because the human experience, currently, is collectively focused on what you experience as the “negative”. You worry incessantly about situations and happenings in the world over which you have no control and that you do not even participate in, except to join in the negative energy of the issue you obsess over. You worry about, or feel shame over, matters in your past, your linear history. These are done and nothing you do will change that past, except to learn from it. You worry about matters that may occur in your linear future. But by worrying about your future and focussing your attention on the possible unwanted future outcomes, you create and manifest the very things you don’t want to have happen. 


This is how human beings tend to function.


We urge you to stop these negative thought patterns and the concomitant manifestation of unwanted outcomes. What you focus on grows. Your thoughts have wings, is a well-known anthem, and it is true.


Control your thoughts. Focus your attention on what you desire. Your desirable outcomes. Focus on finding even the tiniest thing that brings you into a state of joy!  Hold onto that thought and that feeling. Pretty soon your joy will grow. And as your joy grows, your vibration will increase. And as this happens, your energy increases, especially your ability to attract. And then you attract to yourself those things that bring you more joy, more peace of mind, more health, more well-being, more love, more abundance. All of this from simply holding on to the tiniest bit of joy; and everybody is capable of finding some tiny little bit of joy in their lives.


As you embark on your new calendar year, we ask you to focus on joy. Find your joy and see how rapidly your life changes, for the better. It is a practice. It is an exercise. It is a counter measure to your default feelings of despair, sadness, worry, or fear.


Joy is your panacea. Reach out and grasp it, bringing it into your life. And oh, what a life you will co-create for yourself. You will be amazed and astounded. Practice this simple exercise.


Our loving blessings and wishes that you begin to experience profound peace. And so it is.

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