Being Mindful

Our greetings to you, our beloved. Our blessings are with you.


What have you been doing of late? What have you been thinking and feeling? Have you been mindful and conscious in your thought processes and emotional states?


We ask this not to put you on the spot; not to be “big brother/sister” or punitive parent. We do not mean to interrogate you about how you have been being. No, we ask these questions in loving interest and concern for your wellbeing.


You see, each of you – each of us – in fact, needs to become more and more conscious of our thoughts and our feelings. Mindfulness is an essential part of the Mastery of Life on this planet.


Much of what humanity does, it does mindlessly. You have only to ask yourself “What did I have for breakfast this morning?” and, unless you are a particular creature of habit, many will be unable to readily recall or, if it does come to mind, you may had had to really wrack your brains. We use this as a silly, light-hearted example. There are many such examples that you will experience in your daily lives. Where did I put down that cup of coffee? Where is my cell phone, my car keys, my spectacles? All these are examples of what you have come to call being “absent minded”.


Isn’t that such a beautiful turn of phrase because it epitomises and encapsulates so well what most of humanity does in their daily lives. They are simply absent in their minds. In automaton mode. Drifting through their existence without thought or consciousness.


Then, before you know it, the automatic “response” or emotional state is negativity, despair, depression, joylessness. Pretty soon, these become the key co-creative factors in one’s life. A self-fulfilling, downward spiralling trend into misery.


We encourage mindfulness. Mindfulness is the simple, yet not always that simple, act of being present – as opposed to “absent minded”. Be in the presence of mind. Have the presence of mind. Be aware of your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotional state.


And when you find that you are being negative, you can practice thought blocking techniques to change that state of mind, those thoughts, that emotional state. For example, look at the beauty that surrounds you. Do gratitude exercises. Watch a short comedy. Shift your focus to one of joy and be totally present and aware of your joy.


You will instantaneously sense a shift in energy that will permeate throughout your entire body, change your mood, elevate your energy and, ultimately, change your life.


Be mindful in embracing joy. This is the key to a fundamental shift in your state of wellbeing.


Great Master – yes, we speak to YOU – Great Master, be mindful in your joy.


Our blessings and our deepest love and affection.

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