The Precipice

There is a thing in this space that we are going to do with this work. We see that you are working hard at releasing your pain and anxiety, but we also see that you are reticent to step fully into your co-creative power. Why is this?


It is due to your “fear” you will change irrevocably? Or is it a general malaise due to a life lived where avoidance of effort has been your pattern? We see you say to yourself it is the latter. But we suggest it is the former.


You stand on a precipice. If you jump, you know you will soar – not like Icarus – but like the graceful bird on the winged flight of a thermal. You sense your capacity for Mastery and for graceful ease, but you hesitate. DON’T!! We are so longing to see you in flight. We long to see you soar with graceful ease. We know that it will take some effort, initially, but once you release your fear and allow yourself to simply FLOW, you will be astounded at just how masterful you are and how even more masterful you will become. TRUST! Your time approaches. You will experience synchronistic events – even as you experience them now where people approach you with their gifts and offerings – even after your initial approaches appeared to fall on deaf ears. But this will only pick up in frequency and intensity as well as opportunity that will come with this. Oh, how you will fly. Oh, how you will flow.


Release fear. Release pain. Know you are safe. Know you are deeply revered and very much loved.


Be at peace. Be blessed. Our love to you.

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