December 2022


Our blessing and greetings to you who are the audience to this message. It is our pleasure to be speaking to you this day. We are Beings of Light who are here to address you on the topic of love – self-love. For it is through the process of self-love that you begin to open […]

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Being Mindful

Our greetings to you, our beloved. Our blessings are with you.   What have you been doing of late? What have you been thinking and feeling? Have you been mindful and conscious in your thought processes and emotional states?   We ask this not to put you on the spot; not to be “big brother/sister”

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Imagination and Joy

You are excited and filled with joy because of anticipation from a visitor! Now this visitor may not necessarily meet all your expectations that you are projecting on to them, but we will not deal with that here.    What we want to deal with is the excitement. The excitement stems from the imagination. And

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Dear one, we bless and honour your path to your path to enlightenment and your release from the bondage to the human condition that you call “having a life”. Look at the root derivation of Enlightenment and you will see it is multifaceted.  First, it can mean “filled with light” – the light of being

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Finding Your Joy

Loved one, we see you now as you shine. You shine because you are filling your world with joy. Your joy stems not from the physical things that are you your life – although you do enjoy and appreciate these things too – but, no, your joy comes from a state of mind, a state

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We greet you and bless you and honour your path and your journey. We are doing our soul-purpose now when we communicate with you in this manner for we are Light Beings, ethereal beings, not incarnated into physical form.    We are doing our soul task in speaking with you, but we too are watchers;

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