Message of Hope

We speak to you this day because you have invited us to do so. We are Light Beings of a similar, but different, planet to Earth. We are incarnated beings who have evolved into Light Beings. This does not make us “better” than, it simply us different to! 


We, in our realm, are not doing the tough exercise that you do on Earth in that we do not experience fear and separation as you do. We are connected energetically very completely to Source Flow. By this we mean that we tap into Universal Mind and Consciousness readily – without all the doubts, fears, and concerns that Earth Beings have. 


Historically we have been very much where you are now, but our evolving consciousness has taken us into another direction, another way of experiencing the All That Is.


We connect with you in this manner to bring a message of hope to your world. Your planet is experiencing great challenges such as greed, war, famine, destruction of eco-systems and the environment, personal torment and toil for most, disconnection from one another. 


It would be easy to despair, but we say to you – be light! That is it. BE LIGHT. Be in the light. Be in the lightness of your beings. For when you are in the light, you replicate it and this – and you – bring light and lightness of being into your life. You begin to feel at peace and, as you reconnect to inner peace, you begin to connect with joy. And as you connect with your joy, you bring this into the planet.


Now how can there be trouble, trials and tribulations when you hold joyfulness in your hearts. And this will spread – like wildfire, is the saying you use. Hold ono to your joy. Be in the lightness of your being. Change yourself. Your vibration will affect the vibrations of others and as that occurs, one being at a time, the planet becomes a happier more loving place. All other problems will, of necessity, begin to dissolve. In time, like us, you will evolve into incarnate Light Beings. 


We love you. We bless you. We honour your path. And so be it.

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  1. ‘Light replicates light.” Just that one phrase brings such hope. Thank you for this beautiful message. I want to live on their planet – sounds groovy.

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