Flow In Your Life

We are with you now to tell you how you are beginning to find Flow in your life. As you step into your being – even though you are doing – you are being when you are doing with mindfulness and passion. Even mundane tasks, when mindfully done, with precision and to the best of your ability, brings you into a state of Being. You get excited. You feel a sense of accomplishment. You thrive off the results of the accomplishment and so this quickens your vibration, and you step into joy.

As we have said before, joy attracts other positive outcomes. Your life becomes joyous, and others are attracted to it. You, literally, become attractive. This can go so far as to change your physical appearance when joy shines through and you begin to look lighter, younger, radiant. But all the while it is your energetic vibration that has shifted – and you sense the rush of energy that occurs when you are “in your Flow”.

And so, our dear ones, we encourage you to be mindful even in mundane tasks. Even the practice and exercise of this mindfulness of the mundane leads to Mastery – and mastery leads to evolutionary processes that serve both you and humanity and the planet.

Well done on all your accomplishments today. Tasks that have delayed for ages yet tackled with gusto and aplomb are indeed accomplishments. When done, there is the sense of achievement, the sense of knowing you have indeed mastered something today. Higher, joyous and excited vibrations follow, and you become a magnet for all sorts of attractive energies. You become capable of magnetising and attracting that which you desire towards yourself.

What a great accomplishment.

We love you. We bless you. We honour your path. Please stay in peace, with our blessings

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