How to be In the Flow

Question: How do I get and stay in the Flow.

Source:  We greet you in this day and say to you that we are Light Beings who have now stopped our incarnation cycle. We have done many lives on this planet and in other life-sustaining realms. But now we serve as ethereal beings and Source Light. We are the ones who assist you and others around the issue of Flow. 

What is Flow, you have asked?

Simply put, it is a state of being where your life unfolds with effortless ease. What do we mean by this? Well, it is primarily a level of Mastery. You will need to master your thoughts and ideas or imagination in such a way as to keep manifesting all that you desire.

Let us compare. Many of you struggle. You struggle with finances, abundance, love, relationships, “getting ahead”, as you term it, or even just “keeping afloat” or “keeping your head above water”. The obvious implication of this is that you, often, feel so overwhelmed by your life that you have analogies of drowning and being unable to breath! This must be the most frightening and life-stymying feeling to have. The thought sends shivers down our non-existent spine! That so many feel and live a life that feels like a death – a lingering, drawn-out but imminent death is very sad.

By contrast, imagine a life where you have all that you require financially, materially, in love, relationships, yes sex too, but also in health and wellbeing. Were you to have this, you would most certainly be in your Flow. How joyous your life would be!

But, if you are the co-creator of your life – and you know that you are, it stands to reason that your thoughts, your imagination, your desires are manifesting to you the life you choose to co-create. Change your thoughts, ideas, imaginings, and desires and your life will manifest that desired life, instead of the one you currently live, that is the life of lack. The life where you feel left on the side, out of the Flow.

Marshall your thoughts. Watch them closely. Be grateful, be imaginative, be joyous and you will return to Flow, which is your connection to Source and which is your actual purpose and birth right.

You don’t have to earn this. You don’t have to pay for it. You don’t have to suffer for it. You don’t need to do anything. You have simply to BE

Be of right mind, right thought, right imagination – and see how rapidly you connect with Source Flow and begin to co-create the life you are indeed meant to life. The life that is IN THE FLOW.

It sounds easy. The fact is it is easy. But it takes practice and, with practice, comes Mastery – until you have the practice down pat.

We watch your unfoldment with awe and with joy. Wonderful Being of Light, know you are blessed and know you are much and deeply loved by all of us who are In the Flow with Source – just as you are too. 

Our blessings and our love.

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