Imagination and Joy

You are excited and filled with joy because of anticipation from a visitor! Now this visitor may not necessarily meet all your expectations that you are projecting on to them, but we will not deal with that here. 


What we want to deal with is the excitement. The excitement stems from the imagination. And the imagination is running wild doing all sorts of wish-fulfilment scenarios. As you busied yourself cleaning house and preparing, your mind created wonderful scenarios of a new friendship forming. It created happily ever-after scenarios. It even created some “naughty” scenarios. And see how light you are. See where, even in the mind, not yet in your “reality” or your linear history – has any scenario yet played out; but the mind, the heart and the soul are filled with lightness and joy.


This is how you attract. This is how you co-create. You allow your imagination to run wild. Create beautiful fun-filled scenarios. Create games, love, relationships, health, abundance, even wealth. ALL is available to you by using your imagination and behaving AS IF what you are focussing on is already in your realm, tangible and accessible. 


And then? Matter will manifest and come into your timeline. You will co-create and attract all that you desire.


Have fun. Play. Be joyous. You will soon have the life you desire, the life of your own co-creation and manifestation. 


We are Beings of Light who are in service of humanity. Oh, how we love to watch you play.


Our blessings and greetings. We are honoured to walk this part of your journey with you.


And so it is. And so it is.

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