Message of Love from the Garden Entities

Our blessings and our greetings to you on this lovely day. We have been in line, as it were, for a while now, waiting our turn to communicate with you. We are a group of Light Entities who are on the periphery of the orbit of your Spirit Guides, and we have sought an opportunity to bring through our message of love.

Our work with this planet and the people and entities who are in service of her, is to hold a specific energy that will resonate with some of those exposed to this message. We are what might be termed Garden Entities. By this we mean we are beings who work with the energies and entities of your forests and fields, but also with all plant life on the planet, including your farms and even your gardens around your homes.

In your mythology there are gnomes, fairies and elves and they are either in your gardens or in “enchanted” forests. We wonder if you indeed realise that you have “manufactured” these mythological entities because they actually do exist. Those who brought these beings into humanity’s consciousness, first in traditional oral storytelling, then later into the written word, did so because they had seen and met these entities. Yes, maybe the meeting was in the imaginations or their dream states but, any which way, the meetings occurred. 

Just as each human being doing a life on this planet has one or more Guides that works alongside each of you, so too do other entities that cohabit Earth have such Guides. We are the Guides to such plant life and the entities that are associated with plant life.

We are in service, not only to plants and other entities, but also to all of humanity. Our work is to assist where we can, to maintain balance and harmony. The planet faces grave threat from the way the humans are living. We do not judge. We do not even warn of impending doom. No, we watch. We assist. We participate and, above all, we hold energy to help bring about the highest order outcome, not only for the Gardens of the planet, but for humanity itself.

We serve in love. We honour the human’s journey. The soul-purpose of those who incarnate into this planet is onerous. We support where we can.

But please know this. We are also here for you. For those of you involved in gardening, agriculture, or even activists who raise consciousness about the forests of the planet, the veritable lungs of the earth, call on us too for support and we will come. We will bring our energy. We will even provide guidance to those who are receptive.

We are your Garden Entities of Light. Evoke our nomenclature and we will come to you to assist energetically in your endeavours.

We love you. We are in service of you. We hold energy for the Gardens, the Earth entities, and for you. Our blessings and our love.

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