To Get Involved or To Watch

Question: How do I reconcile the sense that I need to “get involved”, to assist people – like when I was practicing as a social worker – with the sense that I should not rescue people. I have all this education, and all these resources available to me, yet I live in a sea of poverty, where people experience severe lack and have a huge need for access.


Source:  You are deeply blessed, and we thank you for inviting us to respond. We are a group of ethereal beings who are what we term “watchers”. We are energy holders who witness and watch. We do not intervene, we simply watch. When called upon, we will speak.


By now you will have realised why it is that we come forward to answer your question. We are summonsed and we make available to you our collective wisdom, but we will change nothing other than your attitude, your thoughts, feelings, and imaginings so that, if you choose, you can co-create something different in your lives.


We too studied, learned, toiled, incarnated, and have done all the things necessary to enhance our evolutionary path, just as you have done. But, like you and many others on the planet, as we attain Mastery, we begin to do things differently – put more accurately, we begin TO BE things differently.


The desire to “get involved” and to bring your knowledge and skills to bear on a situation, or in “service” of others is closely tied to your (incorrect) notion that you need to “work for a living”; that you need to “earn” a living. And so those of you who see service to humanity as a vocation, a calling, are inclined to go into the helping professions such as nursing, teaching, social work – and even doctors and psychologists – although there is much more status is involved in these latter professions.  


Now we are not saying that these skills sets are not required on the planet – especially given the general state of evolution in which this planet is. But what we are saying is that, as your awakening and spiritual consciousness realigns with Sources, you are less comfortable in these narrow roles. Yet you don’t fully trust your capacity to manifest and TO BE rather than TO DO.


So how do you reconcile what we will call “old order” or lower order desire to help and be of service with the “higher order” energy of being a manifestor of your life? Well, you work at it!


You attain Mastery. You practice abundance. You practice manifestation. You play, sing, dance, create, be artistic. In particular, you play at having fun and filling your life with joy.


In this way, your Mastery will attract to you those who seek your wise counsel. You become a “watcher”, a holder of energy and, just like us, when called upon, you impart your wisdom all the while allowing the beneficiary the free will to decide what of your counsel they will accept – and act upon, or what they will reject or “store” until later, should they so choose.


Watchers bring as much healing and light as do healers who “get involved”. The choice is yours. However, to choose which of these paths you desire, follow your heart and soul calling. 


Our blessings to you. In love we now depart. And so it is.

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