Putting Our Work on to the Internet

Question:  Dear Guides. Do you desire/want/condone/give permission for me to put our communication and work out on the internet? Is this part of our contract and agreement? Or is it at least something we can co-create?

The Source:  

It is our desire to assist you with anything you wish to do. It is you who sets the agenda, not us. You are the one who co-creates your reality as you live it. We simply are the group of beings who work with you in your co-creation and manifestation.

Yes, we too have our plans and paths in our own spiritual evolution but, where this intersects with your life, is that we are here in service of you – not the other way around. We undertake to support you. We undertake to channel energy and information, but we do not have an agenda for you or for the planet. It is entirely your free will as it is the free will of all other human beings to live their lives as they deem fit, or as they co-create them.

The reason why you have Guides is to act as an intermediary between you and Cosmic Consciousness. This planet is tricky! Its energy is very dense. Incarnation and the current collective consciousness often leads the human life to disconnect from; and feel alienated from Source. Of course, you are never disconnected, but it often feels like it is so.

We, as your Guides, are a type of safety mechanism to assist in the transmutation of that process of, in consciousness, having the full experience of being connected with Source. Other entities, other beings, other life forms are not incarnated into places of such dense energy and with such complex collective consciousnesses, as is found on planet Earth. Thus, other souls do not suffer the extremes that you tend to do on this planet.

This is why you have incarnated here – “you” being all of you doing life on Earth. You like the challenge. You are experiencing a part of the All That Is in a way that many other souls do not experience it. You are practicing your Mastery under exceptional and difficult circumstances.

Thus, the choice is entirely your own. It is information available for you and, we hope and trust – actually we know, that it helps you. If and should you choose to share this information with others, knowing, believing or trusting it will, likewise, help others, then please feel free to do so.

We will support your endeavours with any choice you make. ANY choice.

You are asking about accepting money from the messages. Well, if this is your intention, if this is your desire, then there is nothing wrong with that either. You will still be in service, and the money is simply and exchange of energy.

Your idea to work on the trust system or the honour-based system is a magnificent leap of faith that others will perceive the value of the messages and support you while you act as an open auditory channel.

If you have a sense of excitement about it. Then go for it. Your emotional state is a good indicator to you that you are on the right track for what you choose. Always your emotional states helps you determine your path and your desires. 

We bless you and support you fully in your endeavours. Let’s embark on the journey together and see what path it takes us down. It should be fun. And, if it is not, you can simply choose to do something else. As long as you are having fun with it, it will go in a way you wish, intend and co-create. We are with you all the way.

Our deepest respect. Our strongest love. Our many blessings are with you on this adventure. Be free and feel free in your co-creation.

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