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Welcome to our Pleiadian Project. I am Peter Michael, an open channel aligned with the Pleiadians. This is the first blog post to my website. It contains some introductory remarks and is not a channeled work. Should you wish to know more about me, you can see my biography, please click on this link: ABOUT



The aim of this site is to offer two services:



The first service is to share with you uplifting and thought-provoking messages from our Spirit Guides. These are freely available to all.



The second service is to provide one-on-one psycho-spiritual counselling services via Zoom or WhatsApp, which may include messages from your own Spirit Guides, who communicate through me, as well as general guidance and counselling from a qualified social worker with many years of experience. Should you wish to book a session, you can go to BOOK A SESSION. The sessions are, currently, on offer seven days a week and over an extended period of time in the day to try to accommodate people in different time zones.



No fee is charged for either of these services. The counselling is provided on an honour (honor) system, which means that you donate either what you can afford or what you feel the service was worth.



However, should you have the means, and should you wish to support this work and the project, you are welcome to do so through various methods of either Patreon or Paypal (where you can also use your credit card safely), or direct EFT to my bank, if you live in South Africa.



At the end of each blog post – or message from Spirit – you may insert your comments. These will be moderated, and no abusive or negative comments will be allowed. Should you have a strong urge to flame or troll, may I respectfully ask you to simply click off the site and not visit it again. We all have freedom of choice, after all. Let’s leave the site free and open to those who derive benefit from it, without wading into negativity.



Posts will happen between 2 and 5 times a week.



You are warmly welcomed and please enjoy the messages from Spirit and be inspired.



With love and light


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