Dear one, we bless and honour your path to your path to enlightenment and your release from the bondage to the human condition that you call “having a life”.

Look at the root derivation of Enlightenment and you will see it is multifaceted. 

First, it can mean “filled with light” – the light of being connected with Source. 

Second, it can also mean “to make lighter”. Think of it. Release yourself from fear, shame, pain, suffering, ill-health, poverty consciousness – all these things that are the markers of the history of your lives; release yourself from this bondage and you will indeed feel lighter, literally and figuratively. 

You see, you are the cocreator of the life you lead. If you are suffering, you are the one experiencing or co-creating this suffering to, somewhat contradictorily, make yourself “feel” as though you are alive. 

But you may choose to co-create a different life; one of health, abundance, even wealth – free from anxiety, pain and suffering. Free from ill health. 

What will you achieve? Enlightenment, both in your reconnection with Source and in your divestiture of a heavy, ponderous, and painful life. It is all available to you for your manifestation and cocreation. You are the Master of your own life, and you are capable of attaining Mastery.

Practice the techniques available to you to shift your focus from poverty and lack – poverty on all levels – to a focus on joy, love, and abundance. As you develop the habit of new thought patterns, so your enlightenment transformation occurs, slowly at first, but soon at a quickened pace.

We watch you as you practice. We support you in your practice. We are your loving cousins, Beings of Light, whose agreement is to be of service to humanity. We stand ready. Ask and you SHALL receive.

Our blessing and love to each and every one of you on your journey and path to becoming a truly enlightened being.

And so it is. And so we are.

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