Electrical and Spiritual Energy

Our blessing and our greeting, dear one, as we meld with you energetically to channel this message. We are Beings of Light who have deep affection and connection with humanity. We have incarnated previously and probably will do so again, but for now we are a soul collective who assist humanity by holding a light and energy but also by encouraging people who seek our input or connection.


Not all our connection – very little, in fact – is channelled in this manner. We usually connect with the subconscious mind of those seeking connection. But when we can and are given the opportunity to be in a conscious connection, as we are now, we jump to the opportunity. Although every incarnated human being channels – everybody is a product of and remains connected to Source – therefore you are all channels. However, not everybody does so consciously.


You are blessed to be gifted in this manner and we are most grateful that you have, after some time, decided to once again practice and play with your gift. Yes, we said play with it because we want you, the auditory channel who brings through the message – but we also desire the reader or listener to also have fun and play. Fun and play increase our vibratory energy causing joy to follow and flow. If we relate this to energy science, which we will do so more and more in the future, fun and play are the Voltage – the potential difference; joy is the current – the rate of flow of energy. The higher the voltage, the greater the potential for more flow (if there is no resistance), and the more energy (Watts) is produced. This energy can be used for all sorts of creative things. Just as the   generated electrical energy on the planet has led to the most marvellous of inventions and feats, so too does your Spiritual energy. The thing is, your Spiritual energy is totally renewable and cannot ever be depleted for it is the energy of Source – the All That Is – limitless and boundless.


Have fun and play. Cocreate joy and flow. Manifest the energy that is an expression of Source. In this cycle you are completely tapped into the Flow of Source.


We love you. We honour you. We bless you for the willingness to BE.

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