Finding Your Joy

Loved one, we see you now as you shine. You shine because you are filling your world with joy. Your joy stems not from the physical things that are you your life – although you do enjoy and appreciate these things too – but, no, your joy comes from a state of mind, a state of being. When you sing a tune, walk in the rain, dance a jig, accomplish a task, think happy thoughts, think funny thoughts – all these things are an expression of or bring joy to your heart. And when you have joy in your heart, you can, literally, move mountains. The power of joy, the vibration of joy is one of the most powerful co-creative forces on the planet available to you. When you are in a state of joy, you do not focus on the mundane, you pay no attention to your worries. You forget of your lack – either in health or abundance. Joy infuses your life and enriches it. It magnetises you so that you, literally, become a magnet person. You attract others, you attract what you desire, you attract to you the life that you wish to co-create.


So our message to you is, loved one, be and stay in your joy. You will see how rapidly your life changes


Our blessings and our love to you. Namaste.

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