There Is No Test In Life

We greet you. We bless you. We honour you in your flow. Our name is Eloni – that is more or less how you would write our callsign phonetically. We say callsign for we are a collective similar to your collectives, and we “transmit”, similar to your radio stations, using frequency vibration. Hence, like your radio stations in some parts of the world, we use a callsign to express the uniqueness of this, our collective.


We have watched you today work through some issues. An abounding fear, as you detach yourself from your current reality and realign with another reality, is much like your joke “cheer up, it could be worse – so you cheered up and, sure enough, it did get worse”.


As you arrive at and sustain or maintain your joy, you may experience what you see as setbacks – even worse, you may think it is a test. But no, it is neither. The Universe does not send you tests or determine a pass mark – success or failure. Everything you co-create is your creation and, if you created it, it is 100% successful in its manifestation. You are a master creator. All that you create is EXPERIENCE – and how can one rate experience as a “pass” or a “fail”?


So, if you “suffer” – and we put this is quotation marks because, subjectively, you often refer to “suffering things”; if you suffer what you experience as a setback, check in with yourself. What part of your energy, or thought process manifested into your life this “test” and why would you do this to yourself.


There are no tests. There is no pass. There is no fail. All that there is, is experience.


We encourage you to stay true to your course and experience only joy. All other experiences will flow out of this so that your life is transformed from one of pain, suffering, and lack, to one of joy, lightness of being, enlightenment, abundance, and manifestation of all your desires. Nothing you choose to manifest is too much or too great an accomplishment for Universal abundance that surrounds you.


You are truly gifted in manifestation. You manifest your lives – as you choose them – all the time.


Should you choose, you are able to manifest something else, if what you have previously chosen no longer serves you or your life.


Be blessed, creative beings. We are with you in joy and in Spirit.


Our blessings and our love. So mote it be.

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