We greet you and bless you and honour your path and your journey. We are doing our soul-purpose now when we communicate with you in this manner for we are Light Beings, ethereal beings, not incarnated into physical form. 


We are doing our soul task in speaking with you, but we too are watchers; light and love beings, whose task it is to bring “heart” into situations. We are using your terms because, physically, we do not have hearts. However, we refer to the energy of heart, just as you often you speak of “opening up your heart” or connecting on a heart level or having a heart-to-heart chat. When you do this, you are, in effect, referring to compassion.


Compassion is more than empathy and much more than sympathy. Empathy is when you feel for another. When you can put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they feel. Sympathy is when you are actually similar to the other, when you their feel pain and sorrow because you resonate with the other, very often based on having had similar experiences.


But compassion is a sense of deeper purpose. You can feel like the other, you can understand what the other is feeling, but it takes you to a space of open your hearted loving kindness that embraces and enfolds the other is such a manner that the other feels supported, loved, cared for, and understood in what they are going through or dealing with. 


To become compassionate, your road to Mastery is to open your heart chakra and allow your energetic connection to enfold the other. It is almost as if you are making yourself receptive to and vulnerable to the other person. It does not entail doing anything. On the contrary, compassion often entails not doing anything so that the one for whom you have compassion feels your energetic support to be able to do for themselves.


True compassion may make you feel sad, or fearful, or lonely – as does the other feel – but this is a residual energy sense that you are able to quickly transmute and, in so doing, you assist the other in their transmutational or transformational process.


Practice compassion on yourself too. Be gentle. Be caring. Hold yourself and the other in the very highest of esteem – as we hold you.


Our blessings and our love. So it is. So it is.

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