Obsessive Thoughts

Question: Why do I have obsessive thoughts about my house burning down? Am I attracting this catastrophe? What can I do to change things and/or to control or eradicate these thoughts?

The Source: We greet you warmly as we consult with our group to find how best we can reply. I am Donee (phonetic do knee), a being of light who has been chosen to speak for our collective. We see that you think these thoughts a) whenever you are stressed and b) when you are not focussing your attention elsewhere. 

So, it is not as if you are willing something bad to happen now, that you are calling – from your soul – for this manifestation to arise. 

We would be of the opinion that you are habitually thinking of the most disastrous occurrence that would befall you as a way of avoiding whatever pain or emotion you are avoiding or trying to block at the time.

Let us illustrate. If you were feeling down, depressed, lonely, even suicidal, in that you were losing the “will to live”, rather than feel THOSE feelings you distract yourself from it by thinking of some catastrophic event – thereby replacing a “reality” – your painful feelings, for you, with what is an unreality – a catastrophic event.

Now the key issue here is that which you perceive as a reality is, in the first instance, an unreality in and of itself. Life is an illusion. All the emotional turmoil and upheavals you seek to avoid are, in fact, disconnection for Source. If you felt connected, better still, if you were connected, you would not be feeling down, depressed, unloved, lonely, or suicidal. 

So our advice is, just as you are doing thought replacement but with what you perceived to be “negative” thoughts (from our side it is all just thought and co-creation); then you might just as well replace the thoughts with “positive” ones. The moment you catch yourself going to your obsession, say: “I am held in the hand of creation. I am deeply loved”. This will remind you of your connection to and with Source and not only will it halt your obsessions, but also it will counter the root cause of the obsessive thoughts brought on to try to avoid your feelings of disconnectedness.

We hope that this perspective assists and l we look forward to watching you in your process and progress of reminding yourself just how deeply connected to Source you really are.

We love you, dear one. We hold you in our energetic vibrations. Our love and our blessings.

It is said. It is done.

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