Healing Your Body

And so, we see you here now in this space where you connect with us, your Spirit Guides, to work on unfolding of your path.

We greet you with our warmest blessings and thank you for your time and energy in sharing this connection, not only with us, but also with the soon to evolve following that will be exposed to our connection through your internet sharing. This is a fun project we willingly participate in.

Our thoughts today are on healing. How to work on healing your physical form.

Many who will be reading this will have ailments, aches, and pains, and even long-standing or chronic conditions of your body which you term disease or illness, but which we see – energetically – as dis-ease or lapses in well-being.

We have said it before, but we will repeat it, as it is crucial to your existence on the planet.

Your human form is that of a humanoid body manifesting out of the densification of energy from your Light Being Soul. It is the energy of Source which manifests into the being, it is not the being that manifests the energy.

However, because your consciousness is primarily seized with experiencing the human life, you sometimes – perhaps even often – forget that you are primarily Source energy, not physical matter.

When you manifest illness, or dis-ease in your bodies, it is not because you have done something wrong, or that you are being punished (for sins!), or that you even are not taking care of yourself. It is because you are experiencing. You manifest because you wish to experience, even if that experience brings your physical form into a painful or unbalanced state of being.

It is your thought processes, your desire to experience, your belief systems – often based on erroneous collective consciousness of humanity – that brings you into this unbalanced state.

Go within! Connect with the energy of the unbalance or dis-ease. Do not focus on the symptom for this will simply manifest more of the same symptoms. Find out for yourself what is your thought pattern, believe system, attachment to the collective consciousness or group narrative, that binds your thoughts and energy into co-creating the symptoms or conditions that you experience.

Once you have connected with the energy, you can release it. You can shift it, transmute it, transform it. You can practice techniques that will be given to you to shift these energetic blockages from your Soul Being. 

You have heard of spontaneous healing where a person “miraculously” experiences total and spontaneous reversal or healing of a condition – even sometimes one that has been diagnosed as being untreatable or terminal. 

This is how powerful your thought processes are. This is how miraculous YOU are and co-creating an alternative reality and outcome which is free from pain, suffering, illness and disease.

Health, wellbeing, and wellness are your birth right. This is what your Soul truly desires to create.

Your experience is to test yourself as the Master that you truly are and to change course and manifest wellbeing where, previously you manifested the opposite of wellbeing.

And so, our loved ones, we wish you strength and joy and peace and prosperity. But above all, our beloved Soul Source Light Beings doing a human life, we wish you to experiment more and more with having the wellbeing and joy of physicality that you incarnated to experience. 

Our blessings and our love.

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