Beatitudes and Abundance

Question:  How do we reconcile the notion of abundance being our true just deserts which we can co-create and manifest, with the biblical teachings in the form of the Beatitudes – which permeate our collective consciousness, especially “Blessed are the poor in spirit” for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven; and the “meek”, for they shall inherit the earth. It is as if we are being told to be less in order to have God’s approval.



The Source: Our blessings to you and our greetings. We have witnessed with joy as you formulated your question, even using your technology (Google) to ensure you have referenced the Bible correctly. And it transpires that, what you thought it said and what it actually says, are two different things. Nonetheless you have accurately arrived at an understanding of what the collective consciousness has come to understand as the meaning of the Beatitudes. 



Now we do not profess to be experts in the Bible or on the theology or theologies of this planet, but we are acutely aware that we, as beings from another realm, are not defined by or restricted to your planet’s theologies.


Your “great books” – although profound – are not the totality of Source. God, as you call “him”, or the Creator, or the Universal Consciousness, cannot be contained in a book. And, please note, within your planet, you have many such “great books” – most of them professing too contain the truth – as if there is only one such truth, which there is not. Our mere existence proves that. None of your books refers to extra-terrestrial, sentient beings of light who have not been exposed to your theology, nor do the espouse any such similar theology. 



Thus, we would suggest that: (a) your reading of the Beatitudes is incorrect, but we would not dare to offer a “more correct” interpretation; and (b) the pain and suffering caused by the misinterpretation of the reading is, indeed, manifest and pervasive on this planet.



We would simply postulate an alternative, more logical approach.


In an infinite world where Source is experiencing itself as being the All That Is, it is also experiencing itself as being All That Is Not, in order to be the totality of The All.  So, in an infinitely abundant, resource-full world – yes, because it co-creates and manifests resources – why would any form of limitation be “the true” way – or even God’s way? Why would creation wish to expose itself to limitation when, in fact, it is striving for expansion and growth and experience of All that Is and All that Is Not.



You are therefore perfectly at liberty to co-create your experience as you deem fit. If limitation and contraction is your choice, you are free to experience this. But if limitation and contraction are your experience, based on your choice, then why do you hanker after no limitation – especially in finances.



The Universe and your Soul did not incarnate you to experience lack and hardship. The incarnation is to experience abundance and fullness – without the need to have these experiences at someone else’s expense or cost.


Your current (capitalist) economy is based on this myth, and it is in crisis. Its fundamental paradigm is that of scarcity and lack. Your economics teach “supply and demand” as affecting the value and price of a scarce or over-supplied commodity.



But what if there was no scarcity or lack, which in fact there is not. Then how would this affect demand and how would it affect price?



You see, the demand in your economy is not for a pair of shoes but for a pair of Nike shoes. The scarcity artificially created is in the brand name and by creating wish fulfilment around a “lack” of status or prestige. It is all artificial. It is all in service of a lack economy, founded on artificially creating scarcity. 



Change your view on scarcity and lack and you change your view of the economy. Change that and you change your world view and then your world.


The abundance economy, without destruction of natural resources or the notion of scarcity and lack is, in our view, the next evolutionary step in human development.



You are at the vanguard of this change in the collective consciousness that has predominated for the ages. Something new is on the horizon. Enjoy the ride. Be aware of your self-created and manifested traps.



Our blessings to our marvellous cousins. 

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