Attaining Health – Message from the Body

Our bodies can and do speak to us. For the channel, the message can come in an auditory manner, through our Spirit Guides.



I focus my attention of my body and ask it for a message about my health. How can I assist and what must I do to create or restore balance? Do I need to be on chronic medication for cholesterol or insulin resistance?


My body:

I am here with you now, my beloved Peter. I am spirit incarnated in your body. We are together in this adventure you call “our life”. Blessing to you.


We are well! We are well way beyond the level of wellbeing that you have been experiencing for some time now.


We are continuing to lose excess weight, albeit not as quickly as was the case when you started out on your dietary changes. But you will see how, when your mood changes, when you process your pain, when you release your blocks, you will quite naturally again return to a balanced and harmonious weight level. It is about self-love as well. You know that you have a good dose of physical self-loathing. But it is also a type of sabotage, a negative spiral that reinforces itself.


As you process and progress along your journey of self-love, so too will your physiology start to reflect your psychology and your soul. Light soul, light body.


I am now going to speak of the fear induced by “knowing the numbers” of your blood results. Yes, some blood level reading are abnormal when relativised with the “general population”. But you are not a statistic. You are not a number. You are a sentient being of light, connecting more and more readily with the light. As a matter of course, of physics, of energy frequency and vibration, your physiology must adapt to hold these higher order frequencies – like any transceiver, you are purpose built to work on these frequencies and so you will begin to align, to recalibrate your transceiver-body, to better attune to the frequencies with which you work. I am not in need of medication. You can even stop taking the supplements that you do take because you are eating whole food.


Be at peace. Your aches and pains will subside. You will simply rebalance to where you should and need to be.


Our blessing to your process. Let us enjoy this journey together. We feel really good. Even your knee and finger and joints will reverse their arthritis. You are blessed and very much loved. We see our path together is clear.


And so it is, and so we are.

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