Mind-Body Harmonisation and Synchronisation to Open Your Channel

We are here now to connect with you as you sit on your patio admiring the beauty of the vista that surrounds you. The much-needed rain that rolled in on storm clouds makes the mountain that you are looking at even more resplendent. 


Isn’t it amazing how fresh and green and vibrant everything is after even just a little rain. It is as if the colours take on a new vibrancy and all the colours contrast and stand out so much better than they do in the heat of the day.


We are describing this scene to you, and other readers and listeners, because we want to highlight to you the effect that this beauty has on your physiology, but also on your psyche – or mental state, as you are inclined to call it.


On a physiological level, you become more relaxed and at ease. Your heart rate decreases, your blood pressure drops, your muscles relax, and your stress hormones begin to decrease. Physiologically you take on a totally different posture and bearing to that which you normally carry.


On the mental or psychological level, your psyche or mental state also starts to relax. Your brain rhythms show a more even pattern and you move closer to the theta state of brain activity, which is similar to when one meditates or at certain periods during the sleep cycle. 


The result is that your mental state and your physiology become synchronised, harmonious, and you experience peace. 


With this state of mind and being, you are now receptive to a myriad of positive factors. You stop worrying. You start to think and even feel beautiful thoughts. You even open up to spirit – as you are experiencing now – where you are able to look off into the distance yet, at the same time, we are able to communicate with you as you touch type at your computer, while not thinking about what we are saying. In other words, you become a more receptive and a more open channel. 


This is how you should strive to be as often as possible. You, our beloved Peter, are fortunate enough to have co-created and manifested that you live in the countryside in a beautiful part of the world. But this is not a prerequisite.


Are you aware that your mind and your body would have exactly the same reaction if you were holed up in a tiny apartment in the middle of one of your metropolis cities and you simply sat in a chair, staring at a beautiful picture and watched your breathing, in and out, until your mind stills and your body relaxes? This is the power of your mind-body synchronisation and harmonisation. 


You can induce the exact same state of being, irrespective of where you find yourself physically situated, and any time at all.


For those of you who long for or seek peace of mind, inspiration, connection with your inner being, connection with your Spirit Guides or with Source energy, take time out to contemplate the beauty that surrounds you and, if it is not accessible to you physically, then simply imagine it is. Your imagination, mind and body will do the trick and you will – each and every one of you who practices this – you will become an open channel in whatever way is your gift.


Every incarnate human being has the gift of being a channel. Every one of you is connected to Source and your Spirit Guides, all the time. Few realise this.


Open yourself up to the experience. You will be amazed. Your will be astounded at how quickly your life changes for you.


We look forward to connecting with you in this harmonised and synchronised state.


Our deepest love and our blessings are yours.

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