Do Not Despair – Change is Coming

Blessed Beings of Light. We thank you for taking the time to connect with us in this manner. It is our pleasure to bring to you a message this day.


Our planet is in distress right now, from many points of departure. You have a major power broker waging war in Europe, but you also have many, many regional wars that are playing out but are simply not in the purview of the dominant cultures or mass medias of these dominant cultures, so these are little known to all but those whose lives are being affected by these upheavals.


In addition, there is the climate change issue affecting not only your weather patterns but is quite literally changing landscapes on a massive scale around the world. Your polar icecaps are melting, your sea level is rising, threatening coastal communities and even entire island nations. You are having more extreme weather from floods to droughts, heatwaves to extremely cold weather.


Then, on the political front, there is an increase in dictatorial regimes which, often, go hand in hand with power grabbing, corruption, as well as repression and suppression the populace. Religious fundamentalism, extremism and religiosity also appear to be on the rise among all “faiths” on the planet. Along with this is a rise in racism, exclusionism, and radicalism. Often the political and religious feed off each other and aid and abet everything that is, in fact, not contained in the purported religious beliefs, nor is it the professed aim of the politician and their structures. 


All these things are enough to make even the most hardened and jaded person despair, let alone the more sensitive, in tune and in touch person who feels a deep connection to the planet, its people and its habitability. (If you are reading this, you undoubtedly fall into the latter category.)


DON’T! Do not despair. You – meaning humanity – WILL survive. Not only will you survive but the probability is high that you will soon begin to thrive. 


It seems to be the natural order of things for human beings to push for the maximum or extreme of experience. You push for the most negative low in order to experience the most exquisite and sublime high!


What you are living through now is the death throes of a collective consciousness that is about to undergo a radical transformation and transmutation.


Be aware of what is happening, but do not focus your attention on it. Set no store by what is happening around the world. Simply be in your own happy place. Practice gratitude and attract to yourself all you desire in YOUR life, not for the planet. 


When every individual, or at least a critical mass of them, begins to manifest their own ideal life that serves themselves but also serves the planet and her people, then rapid, radical and transformational changes will occur, and very quickly at that. The planet will heal. The wars will stop. People will live in harmony. Religions will dissipate as every being will know their connection and allegiance to the All That Is, the Creative Lifeforce that courses through the Soul of each being and we will know that we are all one. What is best for the one, is best for The All.


This will be the new energy and experience of the new planetary consciousness that is dawning.


We stand by you as your play your part in holding the light in the process. We support you in your efforts. We are here for you, just call. We are your Spirit Guides.


Our deepest blessing and love are yours.

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