Rescuing and Being Rescued

My question: Do we get involved or do we watch? J is going to jail. B is being overwhelmed. What do or can I do to help?

The Response

We are in your presence, and we watch as you work through your dilemma!! That may give you a clue!

How easy it is to step in and do things for others. How nice it would be to take away their pain. How nice you would be to take on their burdens for them, then possibly be burdened yourself by them.

You are well aware that you teach people of the “drama triangle” – the victim, the perpetrator and the rescuer. You are aware how easy it is to move through these various positions – the victim soon becoming the perpetrator and the rescuer soon becoming the victim of the erstwhile victim’s lashing out. As difficult as it is to simply watch, to be the observer, especially when you have either the skills or the resources to “sort things out”, you would not be doing your friends any favours.

Their lives and your life is each of your own creation. These are the lives that you have manifested either to learn or have new experiences or to learn new ways of manifesting something different.

Note that we did not say to do things “better” for this would imply some judgement – of which there is none.

Who are we, who are you to pass judgement of a person’s life and to tell them, show them or instruct them on how to do their life “better”? If each of you chooses, you will choose different. Yes, your different may indeed lead to a more comfortable, more relaxed, less arduous journey. But as they say: “Your journey, your choice!” (Whoever “they” might be!)

You want to change your life? You want to change your circumstances? Then use your immense co-creative power to do so. But do not “will” it. Will or the act of will is a limitation of the cosmic flow. Will is what the ego tries to determine is the “best” path that you “should” take. Ego is there to sustain bodily life – as in “the will to live”.

But Spirit! Ahhh, now we enter another realm. When we connect with Spirit, with Source, with the All That Is, then we are in tune with Universal Mind and Consciousness and through simple evocation – if you truly believe – you are capable of instant manifestation of something different. Each life, each incarnated soul is blessed with this capacity.

Therefore, it is not one person’s life purpose to interfere in another’s. This denies the soul – yours and theirs – to experience the beauty of manifestation and co-creation.

What you can do, however, is bear witness. Be a holder of light, a holder of energy and allow the person subjectively experiencing pain and suffering; let this person know you see their pain, you see their suffering. But also let them know that you know they are able to make things different- not right – just different. Their choice is theirs.

Be supportive, not intrusive. Even if this makes the suffering person – who may be seeking to be rescued – angry at your perceived lack of help and assistance. They will, if they are alert and open to it, eventually see that you were brave to not rescue them and that they were brave not to be rescued, because they will have co-created something different – something that makes their life happier.

Or not!!!

And so it is. And so we are. And so it will always be. Blessings.

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