Think Yourself to Health

You are aware of the saying of the Buddha: What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.

Well, let’s look at your approach to health. It would be more correct to say, let us look at your approach to poor health. Many, if not all, of your ailments that develop over time — so we are excluding congenital or birth defects, for these are a different topic on incarnation; but those that develop over time are, almost exclusively, psychosomatic. In other words, what your predominating thoughts and feelings are, you both attract and become. Then, when you experience a symptom, you imagine the worst and so hit the jackpot, the trifecta, where you think, feel and imagine pain and suffering which, ultimately, you manifest into dis-ease, un-balance and ill-health.

The secret — which is not a secret at all — is not to focus on a cure, not to focus on “getting better” — for all of these thoughts have “lack of health” as their founding impulse. When you focus on your “lack of”, if you think, feel and imagine the “lack of” — then this is what you will manifest or co-create; a continued lack of health.

Rather strive to banish those thoughts and focus your attention not on your ailments, but on health, in general. Think about health — not your current health — but your general health and wellness. Become aware of those instances when you feel good or great — vibrant, full of energy, pain-free — and then revel in the feelings of those moments. Feel gratitude for those feelings of wellness and wellbeing.

Imagine health. See yourself with boundless energy and vitality. Imagine yourself walking effortlessly; not imagining yourself without pain — but imagine yourself being effortless with fluidity of motion. Imagine a smiling, vibrant face with normal pallor. Don’t imagine you are without headaches, or tinnitus, or dizziness. Imagine wellness. Imagine your ideal body self, the weight and musculature your desire — not thinner or without diabetes, high blood pressure or other chronic conditions; but simply imagine yourself in the body you desire, the vitality you desire, the sense and feeling of wellness you desire.

Get your thoughts, feeling and imagination in alignment and attunement with health, vitality and wellness and your body will psychosomatically oblige and transform itself into your desired way of being. Just as it has transformed into its current state by your persistent (unhealthy) thoughts, feelings and imagination.

“I can’t sustain those healthy thoughts!” we hear you say. To which we reply: Why not? You currently sustain them in a manner that manifests and co-creates your lack of health”. Change your thought pattern.

Become aware of this and you will find it easier to choose a different path and become the health-filled being you truly desire to manifest.

Namaste. Our blessings. It is our joy to be of service.

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